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Twice A Day Training

Would you like to know how to get in the best shape of your life for just £24? Start my 4 week trial today for just £24 with no onward commitment.  I’ll give you your money back if you don’t see or feel a change during the trial. For more details or to sign up …

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Why you need a workout plan?

You’re not training hard enough, you don’t use the variables efficiently and so training has become stagnant.   You go to the gym, lift a few weights, pick and choose machines based on what’s free at the time and have no real structure to your plan or progression. You’re basically floating and you wonder why your body won’t …

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body transformation

Life Changing Journey

This ART 12 week programme shouldn’t be viewed upon as a short fire quick fix to get you in shape for a one time occasion. Yo yo ing your health and fitness isn’t good for you overall wellbeing, mind or body. Most often than not you will find the rebound from such methods leaves you …

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Home vs Gym workout

Home workouts can only get you so far. As an initial starting point they have their merits but you will soon slow down on your journey to achieving real results. You may well prefer your home environment, space and the ability to save money, but unless you own a state of the art gym you …

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Why Women Should Lift Weights?

Weights, Weights, Weights… There is a preconception out there amongst some women that weight training is reserved for men only and that cardio is the best way for women to keep fit, trim and healthy, which couldn’t be further from the truth! Weight training is the missing secret ingredient to building a firmer, stronger and …

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One of the things we Personal Trainers have to explain to new untrained clients is the difference between muscle pain from applicable training and that of an actual injury. Pain will become your best friend; both during a training session and post workout, which may last for several days. You must grow to like both, …

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