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5 Top tips on travel fitness | Olly Foster

Advanced planning is crucial when it comes to taking any trips away, business or pleasure. I have become a master when arranging my own trips but this is because I have learnt and adapted my methods over time.

Firstly, is your trip business or pleasure? If it’s business then there is no excuse for you to try and stay as committed as possible. If it’s pleasure then you need to decide how much you are willing to deviate off track. Personally I treat both the same, I do indulge but in a controlled way.

The environment is something to think about, most likely it will never be as convenient as home but you can get pretty dam close. I’ve had clients and friends say to me that it’s just not possible to keep on track when they are away. I do not accept ‘Not Possible’!  If you really want something, you can make it possible.

1) Taking supplements.

If you have decided to stay on point when travelling, then I would recommend you take all your required supplements. Personally I down size them all using tablet boxes and Tupperware, so I don’t have to leave any behind. Downsizing does mean taking them out of their original package, but I have travelled many times to many places and not once have I been stopped, searched or questioned about the supps.

As an example I would normally take; Whey, Creatine, Glutamine, Probiotic, digestive enzymes, Multi Vit, Fish Oils, Zinc & magnesium and a greens powder.

Always take one shaker that has a few attachables on it, such as a smart shaker. I load this up with a protein powder such as Peptide Fusion (fast and slow release) to take on the flight just incase, and to use as usual when abroad. MRP’s are quite convenient to take too as they take up minimal room and can be ideal when caught out in certain circumstances. Protein bars such as the Reflex Rbar are also handy and can be used a nice go to treat when / if needed.

2) Inflight food

I’m not a huge fan of airplane food and it certainly doesn’t fit into my diet plan, so I will always prepare food for the flight. I try to cram it all into just a couple of tupperware tubs to allow more room for a book, iPad and the essential water, which I purchase after I have passed security. Normally I will try to drink at least 500ml of water for every hour I fly, which helps reduce water retention and allows you to stay hydrated when arriving at what is normally a higher temperature climate. Just remember you can’t take liquids, therefore porridge is a risky one unless you make it stodgy, but generally I wouldn’t bother with it. Nuts are a great little snack to take onboard and munch on whilst watching some of the inflight entertainment.

3) Training

Before you head to your destination make sure you do your research to find a suitable gym to suit your needs. It is far too risky to rely on hotel gyms, and in my experience you will never get what you think you are getting from what they advertise. They are normally run down, sauna type box rooms that are kitted out with cheap equipment. With the web these days you can easily find something within a reasonable proximity to your hotel to keep your sessions on the same level. However, make sure you check if they allow guests and at what rate. It’s a good idea to send them a quick email and see if they can do any deals for you. Also make yourself aware of their opening times. A couple of times I have walked 30-45 minutes to get to the gym for 6am, only to find out it doesn’t open till 8am, not happy!

Another tip is to manage your training schedule before you fly. Depending how long the flight is, what time you fly etc. Do you really want to be training on the same day? Do you want that extra stress? Normally I would plan to take my flight day off and then hit the gym the next day at the new destination.

4) Hotel / Place of stay

To get the best out of your nutrition plan I would always try booking a hotel, apartment or motel that has a kitchenette. If not, see if they can provide a mini fridge and even a microwave, it’s amazing how much these can help, and on request I have always been provided. You just need to ask!

Once you have checked in, go hit the local supermarkets / grocery stores and get stocked up the best you can. This will reduce the need to eat out all the time and allow you to get your planned macro ratios for your set meal plans. If you do have to eat out all the time be sure to check the menus first to see if there are any decent options available to you.   If you find something that is reasonable but is drowned or cooked in something unhealthy then don’t be afraid to ask to have it cooked dry or keep the dressing / sauce on the side. Normally if it is a quality restaurant this will not be a problem and they will be very accommodating. However, if you are in doubt then a good trick is to tell them you are allergic to that particular ingredient and you bet your ass they won’t add it now. Nobody wants a potential claim on their hands!

5) Diet

Personally my diet changes when I travel. Normally I will have a fast / slow releasing protein shake for breakfast with a strong black coffee. I always train in the am and follow it up with a 2:1 carbs to protein ratio shake post training. From then on all my meals up to dinner will be mainly protein and fiber based. This allows me to indulge a little bit more in the evening at dinner, where I will follow something similar to the carb back-loading theory. This helps me stay on track but also allows me to be more flexible and accommodating to the company I’m with.

Anyway guys, this is just some basic information that I hope helps you with your travels. Any additional tips you may want to add please do, and remember preparation is key. ” Fail to Prepare – Prepare to Fail”



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