magnesium to help sleep

Benefits of Magnesium

Here at ART we often get asked what the best supplement is to take and which one will have the most positive effect? Whilst we do recommend a core stack of supplements to all participants of the programme we are not SUPP heavy but do believe each one is of value in its own unique way.


One of our favourites that we recommended is magnesium due to it’s ability to help promote a better nights sleep. I mean let’s face it, how many of us can fall asleep and stay sleep until the time when we need to get up? I guarantee not many. Some of us struggle to fall asleep, some of us can fall asleep but struggle to stay asleep and some of us are constantly waking up throughout the night. Almost of all us that suffer from such sleep patterns will feel tired and lethargic in the morning and will rely on caffeine to get us going. Research now tells us that it’s not so much the quantity of sleep we have but also the quality that leads us to a good nights sleep which recharges our system ready to start the next day.

If you struggle with the quality of your sleep you might want to think about supplementing with magnesium before bed.


Well magnesium helps combat stress and lower cortisol levels. When cortisol is high, melatonin is low – melatonin is your sleep hormone and when low it can take the body longer than we have for it to naturally rebalance in your sleeping favour.

Cortisol is produced naturally when we are stressed and in one way or another we all suffer from that to a certain degree. You worry too much, you work to hard, you’re constantly juggling your life and even training late in the evening can stress your body out. Exercise elevates cortisol. So although you’re physically tired you just can’t seem to turn the mind off and fall asleep.

So what can you do?

Well taking magnesium with your last meal of the day before bed can help get you back on track by improving the quality of your sleep and helping you drift of much quicker. Within just 1 week of taking magnesium it has been shown to regulate and improve your sleep cycle by reducing your cortisol levels.

Sleep is crucial, you don’t need me to tell you that, but if you are looking to drop body fat, increase lean muscle mass and improve recovery and performance then it is even more essential than you may think and could be holding you back from your full potential.

Although you can obtain small amounts of magnesium from food, you won’t be able to consume the ideal amount at the ideal time to help you in the intended way, which is why we recommend it in supplement form.

So give it a try and let me know how you get on.

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Enjoy and sweet dreams


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