how to prevent being lazy

6 Tips to prevent laziness

“I’m too lazy to stop being lazy”

Does this sound familiar? Laziness, although common has the potential to devour us and ruin our true potential. We all have times of being lazy, myself included and it can make me feel claustrophobic, trapped and lifeless. I nap during the day feeling inactive and tired and in a daze. Everything gets put on hold, motivation levels are rock bottom and even the simplest of tasks seem like a challenge. This type of laziness can be soul destroying and depressing but I’m here to share with you how you can help overcome it.

1) Get moving

Ironically exercise in any form is one of the easiest ways to help overcome laziness. If you can literally just get up and start moving your mind will follow. You don’t even have to go to the gym for this to be effective as that task alone can be daunting. If you ever find yourself sitting on the sofa contemplating whether you should train or not, or do an important task, just get up and start jumping about. Do a few body weight squats, pushups, star jumps etc, anything to get moving. The brain will suddenly kick into gear and you will be ready to tackle the challenge ahead.

Exercise will help you break through that barrier of deadness and will help you feel motivated and more willing to put in effort.

2) Eat nutritious food

Now I know this is easier said than done but fuelling your body with the right nutrition specific to you will help fuel your body and your mind. You really are what you eat, if you eat crap you will feel like crap. Nutrition in itself isn’t overly complicated once you begin to understand the fundamental basics and apply them to your own personal lifestyles. Diets should be personal and you should always look to eat quality nutritious food that you enjoy in the amounts that you need based on your activity level.

3) Think small

Trying to do too much is a recipe for disaster, you need to think small. Refocus on only two or three things at any one time. We always try and do too much and have these huge to do lists which can be completely overwhelming where we struggle with the thought of where to begin. By giving ourselves less challenges the task in hand becomes much more achievable and when you are successful motivation levels go up tenfold.

4) Organise your environment 

Make sure that your surrounding environment is clean and tidy whether this is at home or at work. If it’s messy and full of clutter it is more likely that it will create a sense of chaos, which can make you feel a little overwhelmed.

I used to be as messy as it gets but once I made the effort to clean up and organise my physical surroundings I instantly became more motivated and productive. It’s a case of simply making the effort to start and before you know it everything will be in order and you will feel less tense and plus: who likes a dirty home anyway?

5) Relax 

How’s this one for a cliche? Here’s me telling you that by relaxing you can overcome laziness.

By relaxing and doing something you truly enjoy you will start to feel refreshed. This feeling will make you more willing to take on tasks and challenges ahead and achieve more within. This time will also allow you to think about things; how you may approach certain tasks, which before you couldn’t see because of the fog you had created.

I gain inspiration and motivation when I’m out on the golf course, my mind becomes clearer and I have a surge of new ideas. Now I’m not saying you should play golf but I am suggesting you find and do something that relaxes you. We are all different and it may take a few attempts to find it but trust me it’s worth it.

6) Be positive about yourself

They way we think or talk to ourselves has a huge impact on how we feel and what we do. Our posture, the way we breathe, the tone of our voice can all affect our ability to be motivated and achieve.

When you are in a positive frame of mind it’s a simple fact that you are more productive, you feel great and motivation is high. Remember you control your own thoughts. Your current circumstances may not be ideal or where you would like them to be but you’re not alone and this is life. Saturating the mind with negativity can change your brains chemical process, which can lead us into a lull of continued laziness.

So don’t ever put yourself down, either internally or to others. Stand tall, be proud and assertive and confident and think positively.

All these methods have helped and continue to help me everyday. I am sure that if you can make the effort to start applying just one at a time you won’t let laziness consume you or hold you back from your true potential anymore.


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