Why is good nutrition important?

Your basic understanding of nutrition may not be up to scratch.

Good nutrition is vital to successful body fat loss, lean muscle mass gains and overall general good health.

Many of us are left baffled and confused when it comes to selecting a diet suitable for what we are trying to achieve. Many so-called experts are recommending one diet over another when the truth is all diets have a time and place if you just know how and when to apply them.

There are three principles for good nutrition:

  • Calorific Intake
  • Macros
  • Quality Of Nutrients


Most people don’t have a clue what their calorific intake is let alone how to calculate one when creating a suitable diet plan. If you get this number wrong you could suffer from a whole host of problems, ranging from increases in body fat, actually losing current muscle mass and in some cases you can cause a metabolic dysfunction.


Macros consist of three main sources: carbs, proteins & fats. Most people don’t track these intakes, therefore don’t have a basic percentage ratio to adjust and manipulate depending on how the body responds. For effective fat loss and lean mass gains you must periodise your macros much like your training.


Some people preach that it doesn’t matter what the quality of your food intake is as long as you hit your set required intake.  In my experience this only applies to a handful of people.

If you’re looking to make a real difference to the function of your gut and thus how you process and utilise food, you must choose quality every time. This isn’t to say that your diet can’t be pleasurable, it can, but within moderation.

With so much conflicting information out there, I understand that these basic principles can be confusing.

So how can we help? 

The ART program has been designed to educate you on all nutritional elements and supplementation specific to you.

This is not a one-stop shop where you are usually left to calculate, adapt and manipulate macros by yourself. Through my guidance, you will be provided with your starting calorific intake, from which point using step by step instructions in the manual provided, you will be able to calculate your macro intake based on the 5 phase diet system I have developed.

For the 12 week programmes, every 2 weeks by means of photographs, measurements and most importantly feedback from yourself, I will be able to make adjustments according to what I feel is best based on my wealth of experience.

Through this guidance and education process you will begin to understand what diet works best for you and how you can plan and prepare your food based on YOUR time schedule. A diet has to be optimal and suitable to you and no one else.

You deserve to start achieving those desired results by improving your eating habits. Resolutions for a better version of yourself can be made at any time, and the sooner the better.

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