Should you weigh your food3

Weighing food.  Should you be doing it?


If fat loss, muscle building or “toning” up is your goal…

…and you are new to tracking your intake in terms of calories, macros and portion sizes then using a food scale can you help figure it all out along the way.

Food scales will give you a better understanding of true portions sizes and teach you to evaluate how much of each food you actually need in order to hit your set targets. As a nation we generally over consume and I almost guarantee when you start using food weighing scales you will be surprised by how many calories you were actually eating as apposed to what you thought you were eating.

My Fitness Pal

Food scales these days are relatively cheap and are handy in size both for the kitchen and travelling, so there’s no real excuses as to why you should not use or at least try using one. They along with a food tracking app such as My Fitness Pal  will allow you to add up accurately all the foods you eat in a day including snacks so you have a better understanding of nutrition. The key to any successful fat loss programme is understanding true nutrition.

Routine is key

My recommendation for you is try it for one week. Weigh and record everything you eat and compare this to how much you thought you were actually eating. Once you get into a routine of doing this daily you will sub consciously be teaching yourself about portion sizes and hopefully after a while you wont need the scales any more as you are able to guess accurately enough by sight alone.  To get to this point takes time and commitment, but trust me, it’s an important part of process to fully understanding nutrition.

Cooked or Raw?

There is also a lot of confusion out there as to whether you should weigh the food cooked or raw? Ideally you should always weigh your food raw as weight can change based on what it is you’re cooking. However whether you weigh it raw or cooked you should make sure the My Fitness Pal entry you use matches up with it (raw or cooked). Most nutritional information on packages these days is for raw weight unless it stated otherwise.

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