Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss: the Key Differences and their Impact!

When you start a diet and exercise program to transform your body, you don’t want to lose weight – you want to lose fat.

You might not know the difference just yet, but this distinction totally changes how you see fitness. It shapes your whole approach to dieting, your mindset, and it can even improve your results.

Today, I’m going to take you through the key differences and why they’re going to make a difference to your training.

What is Weight Loss?

It’s simple: it’s weighing less when you step on the scales.

We always hear people talking about how they want to lose weight – it’s why many people start their fitness journey. However, weight loss is deceptive.

Your bodyweight isn’t just about muscle and fat – it’s made up of a wide variety of different factors (x):

  • Bodyfat
  • Muscle mass
  • Bones and organs
  • Stored water
  • Muscle glycogen
  • Other small factors like intestinal mass (how much food you’re carrying around with you)

So, when you step on that scale, you’re getting a complicated measure of all of these different things. It’s easy to see why so many people are bewildered with bodyweight – and why so many diets fail.

Your fitness goals probably don’t have much to do with any of these except from bodyfat and lean muscle, anyway. If you’re trying to get into the shape of your life, what you care about is fat loss and building muscle (x).

Training for Weight Loss can Ruin your Results

Weight loss isn’t just inaccurate – it has knock-on effects in your training. If you train to reduce lose bodyweight, you’re going to miss out on key long-term results.

Reducing weight is often approached with hours of mind-numbing cardio to burn calories, focuses on short-term goals and the weight on the scale on a day-to-day basis.

This is one of the easiest ways to undermine your diet: you’ll become obsessed with the number on the scale, rather than how you feel, perform, and look. Weight loss is simply too complicated and unreliable to be the basis for your fitness goals!

Fat Loss: A Better Way

Losing fat is how you look, feel, and live better. It’s targeting your bodyfat and it’s a sustainable, long-term solution to lose weight and keep it off.

Fat loss, unlike weight loss, pushes you to make real positive lifestyle changes. Here at ART, we strongly believe in building mental and physical strength. This starts with realising that body composition is a lifelong concern, so you need a change in lifestyle – not a fad diet (x).

body transformation

Exercise and Diet for Fat Loss

This lifestyle-change approach to fitness will mean you’re making progress even after the 12-week program is completed. This strategy and mindset are part of the core of the ART system.

It all starts with focusing on muscle, metabolism and performance. Building muscle mass is key to gaining the best results: it improves your health and physique, but it also means you’ll burn more fat in the future (x).

Muscle takes serious calories to maintain, so more of it means a higher calorie maintenance. This means you can enjoy more amazing, nutrient-dense foods and burn more fat. This is an essential step to achieving a real body transformation.

With ART you aren’t on a diet, you have a diet. Your diet plan should focus on key nutrition principles, meaning high-quality proteins (x) and healthy fats (x). Carbohydrates are fuel for exercise (x), so we limit them to maintain an optimal balance of energy and fat loss.

Final Thoughts:

The most important factor in achieving your fitness goals is consistency (x). Weight loss makes this difficult: it’s easy to become demotivated and feel awful if you’re just focusing on the number on a scale – especially since it is can be unpredictable.

Your approach should focus on what really matters: burning bodyfat, gaining quality muscle and enjoying a diet of healthy foods that you want to eat. If you can’t stick to your routine, it’s not going to work forever.

Here at ART, we believe that making your goals a reality starts with your mindset: putting fat loss ahead of weight loss is where that starts.


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