The Truth About Fat Burners

Fat burners are supplements, which contain mainly herbal ingredients that can assist in burning fat by slightly increasing your body temperature when applied at the right time, such as during exercise.

They are not the magic silver bullet for instant fat loss and should never be used as an alternative to a good diet and training plan.

What do they do exactly?

Some fat burners claim to do a number of things such as increase metabolic rate, stimulate the release of adrenaline, or suppress the appetite, but in reality, a good fat burner will only assist in burning an extra 100-150 calories a day, which isn’t much, and these are the good ones.

Unfortunately many fat burners out there are nothing but marketing scams with bogus testimonials, convincing people that they are the quick fix they have been looking for. Although some people may see ‘some’ short-term results, fat burners are not a long-term solution, as they don’t address the wider issue as to why you may be carrying unwanted body fat.

What’s the alternative?

Body fat is a symptom of a complex problem with multiple causes including unhealthy lifestyle, poor nutrition, lack of activity and even mental factors like subconscious, self-sabotage and emotional eating. You need to address these issues first with a good nutrition and training plan and a lifestyle adjustment away from triggers of over eating and poor food choices.

In my personal opinion you shouldn’t even contemplate taking a fat burner unless you are in single digits for body fat and have plateaued and used all other resources available, such as diet and training systems. Then, and only then would I allow or prescribe to any of my clients to help shift that last little bit.

You have to earn the right to use fat burners, to avoid overuse or dependency on them.


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