Diets don't work

Why super restrictive diets don’t work!

When many of us think about losing weight / fat we feel that we need to apply a super restrictive diet in order to achieve success. However for most this approach isn’t sustainable long term and is why almost all diets of this nature fail the individual.

Relationship with food

Over the years I have worked with hundred of clients and during this time I have gained valuable experience with regards to what works best in order to achieve a result and maintain it. I used to be the guy that applied the most anal diet possible to myself whenever I wanted to get shoot ready, now don’t get me wrong, it works, however, it created a very bad relationship for me with regards to food and during the whole diet all I could think about was “what I was going to eat afterwards”. This is far from a healthy method and caused major personal issues for me (bouts of severe binging), which took years to resolve.

Fortunately I was able to learn from my mistakes and not only overcome my problems but understand how people need to be treated as individuals and when it comes to diets you have to give them a structure that works best for them long term. Of course there needs to be some certain guidelines and rules but ultimately if they can’t apply and function on the plan you provide them then something needs to change.


In order to lose weight / drop body fat an individual needs to be in a calorific deficit, there are no two ways about it. Macros (protein/fats/carbs) need to be set and can be adjusted accordingly in order to elicit a better response whether physical or mental. However once you have all these set in place you need to allow for some flexibility when it comes to food choices. Long gone are the days of chicken, broccoli and rice!

Now I’m not here to say that you should use a “if it fits your macros” approach, but I do believe that a combination of the two is the best method when creating a healthy sustainable fat loss plan. Allowing people to include foods that they truly enjoy will show them that there is no need to be so restrictive in order to be successful. You do not need to suffer endlessly by removing all pleasure and joy.

Variety is key

So if you’re trying to create a food plan for yourself in order to achieve fat loss then don’t limit yourself, this in itself could create issues such as food intolerances. Vary your foods so you receive a wide spectrum of nutrients and make them taste dam good. Keep to single base ingredients as best as possible but a little processed food here and there will not only keep you sane but it will also lead to success long term.

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