Body confidence

How to feel comfortable in your skin?

If like me, you see in yourself flaws everyday that you aren’t happy with then welcome to the world of reality! To be truly happy when you look in that mirror is a rarity even for professional models, in-fact it’s probably even worse for them, so it’s important to understand that happiness with your physical being needs to come from within and not from your physical form.However, with that being said we can make steps towards improving our health and therefore our mind and bodies towards something we are more comfortable with

So how do we do that? Firstly you need to consider your own body type. We all come in different shapes and sizes and therefore you have to make sure that what you aspire to achieve is within your given genetic potential.

So that being said, you have two options.

Ask the advice of a professional.

This is a simple option. Choose someone who has the right credentials who you trust and respect. Someone who not only talks the talk but walks the walk or at least has done in the past. Their expert eye will clearly see what areas you can improve upon and will tell you what steps to need to take

Be your own worst critic and be honest.

There is no-one more qualified than yourself when it comes to visualising the desired physique you wish to achieve. I recommended you take photos, or ideally have someone else take photos of your front, side and back. Use these photos to identify what areas you feel you want to improve upon, as you personally know what will be achievable.

Track your progress to see visually how you are improving. Tape measurements can be used as a simple tool to see if these areas are growing or shrinking. If you see improvements both visually and numerically you will be inspired and motivated to carry on until you are content with your transformation.

Being content is a good goal as I can tell you now that perfection does not exist, harsh lessons over the years have taught me that. But you know what? I’m ok with that and you should be too.

Once you 100% commit to your own personal fitness goals the fire within burns deep, but remember to find balance. Physical perfection is NOT the goal. Your health, wellbeing and happiness are.

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