How to get motivated?

How to get motivated? 4 Top tips!

How was your day yesterday? Did you get to the gym? Did you manage to get one step closer towards your fitness goal? If not, why not? Long day at work? Too tired? Head wasn’t in it? Didn’t have time?  No motivation?

These are all the typical reasons I hear day in day out, most of them valid and that’s life. We’re only human at the end of the day and there is only so much we can do before we think, you know what – fuck it, I’m not going to the gym today.

I also lack motivation all the time, it happens, but you know what, you can push through it.

Here’s a few tips from me to help get your head back in the game.

1) Make a promise to at least start

Force yourself to get down to the gym, get changed and begin your warm up. You will be amazed to see how this minimal amount of effort can turn into something great. I have had some of my best training sessions starting off with a bad motivational attitude.

Do some kind of a dynamic warm up and get the heart rate going, play some music that really inspires you, and make a rough plan of what you intend to train but mix it up so your mind has to refocus to avoid boredom.

2) Take part in a class or go for a walk

That’s right, I just told you to do a class, and if you know me you will know that’s not my style. I don’t particularly find classes specific to the individuals needs but hey something is better than nothing right? If you can’t get motivated to lift weights and the mind just won’t kick into gear, then pass that role onto an instructor. Let them lead you through something new or do something simple and you may even have fun and I know you will feel better for doing it. But hey, don’t get used to it, this is just a stop gap for today 😉

3) Go home

What? Go home? That’s right, if the two tips above fail. Pack your gear and go home. If the body and mind are still saying no then what’s the point. I would prefer my clients to go home and rest then do a half arsed attempt of a session on their plan. Just write today off but make sure you’re back to it tomorrow because you can’t afford many days like this if you’re going to achieve your fitness goals.

4) Join a support group

It’s pretty much impossible to not get fired up when you’re part of a group who are on the same path as you. People you can look to for inspiration, motivation and support to keep you on track.

Here at ART we provide just that with our private Facebook community. With over 150 members it’s impossible to not be inspired to train hard and eat healthily in order to build / tone muscle whilst dropping body fat.

You’ll find me active at all times in this support network, answering questions, overseeing things to make sure we work together to do our best and ultimately stay motivated.


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