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How to choose the right fitness program for you?

You get what you pay for…

In this day and age this old saying still holds value and as the fitness industry continues to boom I’m here to warn you that this saying is more important than ever.

With the recent Black Friday and Christmas discount deals I’m amazed how some trainers are able to discount their services by 30% and more. Granted we at ART ran a discount of 15%, which on reflection was perhaps too great as our current cost is on point for the service we provide.

Now don’t get me wrong, my goal and passion is to help people achieve the body they desire, however it’s vital that I’m able to place value my time and experience and cover our overheads such as the systems we use and the great staff we have to make sure the business runs smooth, efficient and effectively as possible for a positive client experience.

“We are by no means the cheapest online product on the market but I know we are worth every penny.” 

When trainers are able to sell online plans at such ridiculously low prices do you really think the program is right for you?

Do you also think that you will be dealing directly with the face who fronts the plan?

I’m sorry to say that in almost all cases it won’t be the right plan for you and and you won’t be dealing with the face who fronts the plan.

Personalisation is key

When it comes to fitness and especially nutrition, in order for it to be successful and maintainable, the plan has to be bespoke to a certain degree. It’s important that the trainer for example sees your current stats and knows your activity level, knows of any medical issues or health concerns before they are able to set you a starting calorific intake. This intake would also need to be continually adjusted in order to get the best out of you.

Training plans themselves can be a little more generic but must have scope for alternations based on the client. The client may not have all the equipment in their gym that is required, they may have an injury or they simply may not feel comfortable doing a particular exercise. Therefore you should be able to email or contact the trainer to address these concerns and have suitable changes made.

It’s unlikely that a program selling for £100 or less can factor in all these requirements. The amount of time and dedication needed to communicate with clients would mean they would be working for less than the minimum wage so something is clearly a miss.

Quality time online with your trainer is needed

Now I’m not trying to badmouth any fellow competitors here directly, I’m just bemused how they can offer such services without it being a generic cookie cutter plan. I’ve been in this industry a long time, more than most, and I know the level of time needed with each client directly to get the best out of them in the healthiest manner possible with the confidence that I’m educating them at the same time.

This is why here at ART we keep things on a relatively small scale in order to make sure every client gets or has the access to the same level of service throughout. We were recently very open and honest as to why we needed to put our prices back up, which is all related to providing the best online 1-1 personal training service in the UK.

Beware of scammers

So please take all this into consideration when looking to sign up to an online program. There are some fantastic, valuable services out there, which can genuinely help you as an individual, however there are also more and more scam artists who are too keen to take your money and provide you with some crap that might work with 1 in 20 people. I’m not keen on those odds so I know what I would be doing.

Do your research; ask some questions and then make an informed decision based on the response you receive.


“Price is what you pay, value is what you get”





If you’ve still got some unanswered questions or fears about signing up to the ART 12 week body transformation programme then visit our FAQ page were we’ve hopefully covered and addressed all your concerns.

Alternatively drop me an email at olly@action-reaction-training.com.


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