Can I do this programme at home?

This isn’t a home-based programme as we require a good variety of equipment in order to follow the training plans effectively. In certain circumstances if you have a good variety of equipment at home the plans can be altered to suit for small fee.

How many times a week will I need to work out?

Ideally you are required to do a minimum of 4 weight-based sessions a week with an optional 5th included. However if you can only commit to 3-4 then this is ok, results may not be as effective but you will still make good progress.

How long will each session take?

The sessions have been designed to last no longer than an hour, however initially it may take longer until you get into the swing of the plan. As the weeks progress we may add additional cardio depending upon your progress, which can extend this time period.

What if I don’t know how to do certain exercises?

We provide video links for each exercise so you can view how each should be performed correctly, alternatively you can ask your local gym instructor or email Olly directly.

What if I can’t perform certain exercises?

If you are struggling to perform a certain exercise, or don’t have the equipment available then email Olly for a suitable alternative.

What if I have questions about the training or nutrition?

You can either email Olly directly or post the question on our community Facebook group to get an answer from other participants.


Will a daily food plan be included?

This programme isn’t a one size fits all plan, so we won’t tell you what to eat and when, instead we coach you on how to develop your own daily food plan based on the information we provide and the calorific intake which is set for you personally after reviewing your statistics, photos and health questionnaire. This is an important part of the knowledge share process, which will help you understand nutrition long term. We provide example daily food plans to help you on your way but these are examples only and are not tailored to you specifically.

Can I drink Alcohol?

Ideally for optimum results the answer to this should be no! However, we live in the real world and if you have a couple of drinks here and there it won’t affect you too much if in moderation. You can’t however drink everyday or every weekend and expect great results.

What if I can’t afford or don’t want to take any supplements?

If you don’t wish to use the recommended supplements then this is perfectly ok. We only include them as they can help assist with your goals but they are certainly not the driving factor to your success. This comes from quality nutrition and hard work in the gym.

What if I have to eat out?

When eating out, assume the worst and use your common sense to assess portion sizes and estimate how many calories you will be consuming.  Generally speaking, meals in restaurants have a calorific quantity, on average, 30% higher, so you can either reduce your intake earlier in the day or just eat a smaller portion when you’re out.  The key is to not stress about it because elevating your cortisol levels isn’t going to help.  If you have to eat out, just do it, but be sensible.

What if I don’t have an appetite to eat?

As this transformation is mainly about fat loss with lean gains, you’ll be working in a calorie deficit, so its unlikely that you won’t feel hungry, but if this does happen to you, then we may need to address it with further supplementation.

What if I over-eat one day?

If this happens, and trust me it usually does at some point, then hey, it’s done, don’t worry about it. Elevating your cortisol unnecessarily is to be strictly avoided. Try to work out how you came to overeat so if need be, you can address it the next time you see the signs. Usually it’s just a case of exercising your willpower.

Can vegetarians / vegans do the plan?

As the process for nutrition is flexible in the sense that we allow you to build your own plans based on your preferred food choices and timings then yes vegetarians and vegans can do the programme. Obviously your protein intake may be limited but there are many options available these days to make sure you can stay on target.

What if I have a food allergy?

Since you develop your own food plan this isn’t an issue. If you have a known allergy to a particular food or food group then keep this eliminated from your diet and choose another option.


What if I fall ill or get injured during the programme?

There may be times during this program where you fall ill, develop a cold or catch a nasty virus and this is something we struggle to control. If this happens to you then let us know ASAP so Olly can assess what’s best for you. The usual rule of thumb is if its neck and above I.e a basic cold then push on, neck and below I.e chest infection – then rest up. However, ultimately you know your body and you must learn to listen to it and do the smart thing. If you’re not up to train and feel you can’t push through it or the session will be half hearted then it’s best to rest.

With an injury this is all specific to the damage caused. Some injures we can work around but will need to communicate with either your physio or GP for their professional recommendation; ultimately this is their call.

For both these situations and in extreme circumstances we can pause your programme and restart when you’re fit enough to continue as originally planned. This is case specific so please make sure you get in touch ASAP with as much information as possible about the issues in hand.

What if I have to go to an event or special occasion during the 12 weeks?

If you have a key event you can’t miss or simply don’t want to miss then that is fine, we can factor this into your plan. After all this is life and we can’t avoid living our lives just because you’re on a 12 week programme. Just give us enough warning prior to the event so that Olly can make necessary changes to accommodate the occasion.

What if I have a holiday booked during the 12 weeks?

If you feel you can still stay relatively on track intake wise and get to the gym a couple of times a week then we can work around your holiday. If however you wish to let go whilst away and be off the plan then I would recommend you don’t sign up until your return.

I’ve purchased but haven’t received my programme?

Once you have purchased the programme you should receive a confirmation email from us with several forms we require to get you started. If you don’t receive this then please check your junk folder. If its still not there then email us directly and we’ll sort it out for you.

What do I do if I have any issues or questions that I need answers to?

You can post details of your issue or question in the private community group on Facebook as others on the programme will always have the answer. If it’s more personal, please email us directly.