Nick is a 32 year-old, mortgage advisor, who after working from home for a few years, had found his inactivity had led to an increase of body fat that he was unhappy about and wanted to shift.

Below are his thoughts on why he wanted to take part in the programme and the impact it had on his life.

“I’ve trained on and off for years now, reading the usual mainstream fitness magazines and always wondered why I didn’t get massive biceps in just five minutes, or abs in 10 days!?  I also thought I knew a significant amount about nutrition, timing and understood my body…..  I knew nothing about either!

From the start of the programme I was initially taken back by how down to earth Olly is, and how much he genuinely cared about my results, my goals, and how to get me there, not just in the quickest time possible, but in the BEST way for my sanity, health and sustainability.  His knowledge is far superior to anything I have ever experienced, which was more than comforting.

I now have an absolute understanding of how my body reacts to certain foods at certain times, what and how much I can tolerate, how to diet for strength, fat loss, appearance etc.  I now understand the variations and benefits of different styles of training whether it be hypertrophy, strength, isolation, etc.

body transformation

My results were somewhat different to the other guys as I started off with a much higher BF% but let’s not hide this and pretend that this programme is for the ‘buff’ because I’m living proof that it isn’t just that!  I also had a re-occurring knee injury and snapped one of my quad muscles off the kneecap during week 7 of the programme, which held me back from achieving the results I had initially set, but thanks to Olly, and I do mean ‘THANKS TO OLLY’, through adapting a new workout plan I continued through.

I started at 103.6kg and finished at 89.2kg, which means I have lost 14.4kg or (in old money) 31.7lbs.  This plan has literally changed my life, saved me from continuing living a mediocre life, taught me valuable lessons, and given me the tools to continue to succeed.  Unlike other plans, Olly provides the guidance you will need to maintain.

I genuinely urge you to JUST DO IT.

I absolutely promise you won’t regret it!”