They lied to you! (part 1)

When it comes to healthy nutrition the government, food companies and even qualified so called nutritionists are feeding you lies and BS. These big companies care about making profit and will play on your emotions and get you buying into their myths. I’m here to quash these lies as it could be these beliefs that are holding you back from getting that dream body.Part 1 will cover x5 of these lies you are being fed.  x5 more lies will be published in part 2.

1) A calorie is a calorie

Many people say that the only important thing you need to think about in order to create weight loss is calories in versus calories out. So if you eat fewer calories than you burn then you will lose weight due to the law of thermodynamics. Now essentially this theory is true, however I’m here to tell you that the quality of your calories matter. This is because different foods go through different metabolic pathways in the body and elicit different responses based on its quality. If you think that eating 1000 cals of processed junk compared to eating a 1000 cals of whole foods makes no difference then I’m sorry, you will never achieve successful healthy fat loss.

2) Saturated fat is unhealthy

For years now we have been told that we must avoid saturated fat as it can increase the risk of heart disease. This has been one of the pillars of mainstream nutritional advice that we have been plagued with for far too long. Recent studies prove that saturated fat is harmless and has nothing to do with heart disease, and in actual fact consuming it raises good cholesterol (hdl) and changes the “bad” cholesterol to a benign subtype. So there is no reason for you to be avoiding full fat butter or coconut oil. If it’s a natural fat then it’s a good fat.

3) Eating too much protein is bad for you

For some reason many of us believe that eating too much protein can damage your bones and increase the strain on the kidneys which can contribute to kidney failure. I don’t know where this came from but I do know GP’s still spout this crap even today.

What I can tell you is that if you eat protein regularly in relatively high portions it will actually increase bone density. Those with kidneys disorders are asked to reduce their protein intake but how many of us actually suffer from this condition? More protein in the diet will increase lean muscle mass, reduce body fat which increases your body’s thermodynamics, and will lower the risk of diseases like cardiovascular disease.

4) Too much red meat is bad for you

We’ve been eating red meat for thousands of years and now suddenly some how people are blaming it for heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. There is no study out there that proves the validity of these claims. However like most processed foods, the quality of the meat can have an effect. Unprocessed red meat is perfectly fine if cooked correctly and consumed in moderation. Cheap processed red meat however can lead to issues. As with any foods these days, quality does matter, and unfortunately price represents quality. The bottom line here is that red meat is incredibly nutritious. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, quality proteins, and healthy natural fats that are important for the body and brain. So if you want to eat red meat 3, 4, 5 times a week you can do so, as long as you don’t overcook it (burn it), and the meat is unprocessed.

5) Follow the pyramid diet for optimal health

The pyramid diet was originally published in the 70’s and specifies that you should follow a high carb, low fat based diet. This recommendation made by politicians (not nutritionists) has since been debunked and ironically the obesity epidemic began when the system was promoted. Everybody responds differently based on different set Marco percentages and although this may work for a few, in my experience this isn’t optimal for most. The results from my 12 Week Body Transformations are proof of that from both a physical and mental perspective.

Part 2 of this blog will cover x5 more lies.



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