body transformation



I originally signed up to ART back in Jan 2017 but became one of this statistics that didn’t complete it. I started off strong but a change in personal circumstances just meant I wasn’t mentally ready to complete the program. After a break and continuously seeing the before and after pics on the forum I decided that I was ready again. I didn’t believe that I could achieve the results that some of the people have achieved on the forum, after all, 25 years of trying has actually not benefited me in anyway…..till now!

2nd time round, I can’t say I was a model student and I definitely beat myself up about it. But at the end of the day, I look way better than when I started, I feel the best I’ve ever done since my school days, I drink less alcohol, I eat for fuel rather than eating for the sake of it, I train in the gym effectively and I am stronger and lighter than I can recall ever being. I had a reputation amongst friends for using the gym to go to the hot tub, but all that’s changed. I started the journey taking a leap of faith and hoping that Olly Foster I could transform me and whilst this is by no means my end goal, I’ve signed up to Phase 2 and genuinely believe that I to could have a six pack.”



COST = £147 incl VAT for the full 12 weeks (less than £13 per week, which is cheaper than the cost of just one cup of coffee per day!)

* Payment plan is available spreading the cost over 3 months as below:

  1. At checkout = £49.00
  2. Month 2 = £49.00
  3. Month 3 = £49.00