body transformation


“So I was on holiday with my friend Alison who looked amazing and she explained about the programme she had done and I thought I would like to try it. I saw some of the other transformations and thought I want in on this ASAP so as soon as we were off holiday I signed up and that was when the journey began.

Don’t get me wrong there have been days where I have struggled food wise, but Olly and Kim and the Facebook group are always on hand to get you back on track. I definitely feel my mindset on food has changed and the days where I went off track made me feel horrible so always felt better getting back on the healthy macros.

The training has been great hard work/ intense and frustrating (only because someone is on the machine I want!!) I have done all the work outs 100% which has opened my eyes to different training in the gym especially weights. I always felt it targeted the trouble areas women struggle with being bum, stomach, and thighs.

The one thing that really helps is the 2 week check in and the tweaks Olly makes to your programme making it feel even more personal and worth the money. Who says an online PT doesn’t work.

I’ve never been the most confident with my body but I feel the programme has really helped and I don’t mind what I see in the mirror so much anymore and I’m pleased with the transformation pics :)) I feel like this is only the start as I still have some work to do so I’m going to keep pushing myself and will sign up for phase 2.”



COST = £195 incl VAT for the full 12 weeks (less than £17 per week, the cost of just one cup of coffee per day!)

* Payment plan is available spreading the cost over 3 months as below:

  1. At checkout = £65
  2. Month 2 = £65
  3. Month 3 = £65