Do you understand Nutrition?

Do you understand Nutrition?

When you look at your food do you know what you’re really eating?

What it consists of? How many calories are in it? How many grams of protein, carbs and fats it consists of and what the nutritional quality of the food is like? Do you even care? If successful fat loss is your goal then I’m here to tell you that you should care!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you that you need to be reading nutrition labels, counting / tracking calories and macros (protein, fats & carbohydrates) for the rest of your life, but I am going to ask you to try for a week and make sure you include the weekend. Most people consume a significantly higher amount of calories at the weekend, which could be stalling them on their fat loss quest.


One way of tracking your intake is to read the nutrition labels on the food packaging and tally your amounts. However this can be very time consuming and confusing within itself. However there is one huge benefit of checking the packaging, here you get to look at the ingredients list and really see what’s in your food. Without getting to complicated I can tell you this much, the ingredients list should be short if its healthy.


It shouldn’t have words you cannot pronounce or don’t understand. The ingredients list on all foods always starts from the ingredient with the largest amount through to the smallest. Therefore if you are going to buy some venison burgers and the first ingredient on the list isn’t venison then you need to ask yourself the question “is this really venison I’m eating”? I use this example as I’ve seen it for myself across many of the large supermarkets within the UK.

The quality of your food is extremely important when it comes to good health. You can’t fuel your body with continued processed crap and expect it to function at its best. I’m sorry to say it just won’t happen regardless of what some of the fitness “gurus” out there tell you.

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The easiest and most simple way you can track your intake is to use a free app like myfitnesspal. Try this for a week, which will give you a good idea of how many calories you are really consuming and what your macro breakdown percentage is. Knowing this information is vital when comes to making changes to your physique. I need you to understand that when it comes to effective healthy nutrition, ignorance is not bliss.

If this confuses you then don’t despair. We can help.

My ART programme has been designed to educate you on all things nutrition. This is not a one stop shop where you are left to do it all by yourself. By using my process you will begin to understand effective nutrition, applying what diet works best for you and how you can plan and prepare it based on YOUR lifestyle.

Isn’t it about time you started achieving the results you deserve?

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