“My official 12 weeks transformation pictures are through and I’m done!!

I have truly enjoyed the whole programme!! The reason this worked and not much else… consistency!! Olly Foster checking in every two weeks for pictures, measurements, macros being adapted training sessions moving forward just as you think you’ve got to grips with that phase!!

I’ve trained for a long time on and off I’m a qualified level 3 PT but I got to a point where I needed to try something different I’ve followed Olly for a long time and knew all I had to do was follow what it said and surprisingly enough it worked!!

You have to be disciplined in yourself and you must want to change more than want that bag of chips or beer on a Friday night!

Olly and the team are there to guide you and they do that fully providing all the information and knowledge you need not just for the 12 weeks but moving forward in making sure you maintain what you worked so hard for!!

Thanks Olly & Team for a great experience!!”


COST = £147 incl VAT for the full 12 weeks (less than £13 per week, which is cheaper than the cost of just one cup of coffee per day!)

* Payment plan is available spreading the cost over 3 months as below:

  1. At checkout = £49.00
  2. Month 2 = £49.00
  3. Month 3 = £49.00