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How to lose belly fat to reveal abs?

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Want to lose belly fat fast to start seeing those abs?

  • Are you confused as how to lose that stubborn fat around your waist?
  • Frustrated at the lack of progress given the effort you put in?
  • Have you read conflicting information about the best training plans and diet to lose belly fat: HIIT? Increased cardio? Low carb? Low calorie? 

It’s a confusing web of information out there, I totally understand how frustrating it must be to not have clear and accurate information for an issue such as losing belly fat, so hopefully this blog I’ve written will clarify things for you.

Targeted Fat Loss: Myth or Reality?

Can you burn fat from your belly alone?

In short…no!

There is no scientifically proven way to burn fat in particular areas of the body, no amount of sit-ups or abdominal workouts will help lose the fat in this area alone to reveal your abs underneath.

When fat cells are broken down to be used for energy they will be taken from anywhere in the body during exercise. There is no biological way to ensure that only fat cells from the belly area are utilised.

In recent years a study was conducted to investigate the effect of abdominal exercises on abdominal fat, the study took 24 participants who each partook in regular abdominal exercises whilst maintaining a healthy balanced diet. After 6 weeks there was no significant effect of abdominal exercises reducing fat in the belly area, or overall body fat percentage.

The products you see on shopping channels which claim to target these areas to deliver you great looking abs fast, i’m afraid to say are a complete waste of your time and money.

So how do you reveal those abs?

Firstly it’s important to have a basic understanding of how your body burns fat.

In it’s simplest form; fat loss is determined by the amount of calories you consume vs the amount of calories you burn. If you consume less calories than you burn it will result in fat loss.

What about low carb diets for fat loss?

We all know that food is fuel for our body. And like cars using either petrol or diesel, our body can utilise different fuels being either carbs or fat. It’s true if you consume a low carb diet your body will turn to fat as it’s energy source. However! This isn’t a good long term sustainable system for fat loss and can have detrimental effects on your health as the body ‘needs’ both carbs and fat in the body for optimal health.

A good fat loss program will ensure you are consuming the correct amounts of carbs, fats and proteins keeping the body in a metabolically flexible state meaning the body will have the ability to switch from one fuel source to the next; from fats to carbs and carbs to fat. When executed correctly, you’ll have the ability to lose fat on either a high carb or low carb diet depending on how many calories you consume.

So now we know how fat is burned, how do we lose it from the belly area?

The only way you will be able to lose belly fat is to participate in a quality full body training and nutrition program, designed specifically to burn fat in a sustainable way, which will see you lose fat from ‘all’ areas of your body including the belly area.

By doing a plan such as the ART 12 week body transformation program we’ll take you through a series of nutritional phases designed to keep the body in a metabolically flexible state, coupled with a predominately strength training regime with limited cardio, you’ll be burning fat while building lean muscle mass, which over time will lead to a visible reduction of fat in the belly area revealing your already existing ab muscles underneath.

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