body transformation



“I don’t know where to start with this, as this whole 12-week experience has just been brilliant! I have always loved fitness and working out and cooking and nutrition however not quite known the right way to link it all together. After finding myself in a bit of a lull over the middle months of this year and having gained weight, (creeping up to over a stone heavier than I would have liked to have been) I was unhappy and so miserable about my overall appearance and weight. I couldn’t seem to pull myself out of this growing pit and after scrolling through social media and fitness websites I came across Olly and his programme.

I honestly couldn’t recommend this programme enough; it has completely changed my day-to-day life and overall happiness. I have absolutely fallen in love with the gym again, my passion for fitness is back and I now have the knowledge to aid and link it all together with the nutrition side of things. I also could not have done this without the Support of both Olly and Kim and the Facebook community. Having them on hand whenever you need them for a little motivational boost, or some useful tips and advice or just overall honest feedback and comments on exercises, meal prep and coping with the programme…you are never alone and I think that’s one of the best things! Yes, the working out, motivation and commitment is all down to you; Olly is not there shouting in your face – your best is whatever you give to be your best whether that’s total commitment or flaking in and out, its your decision to do this and you choose how hard you want to go. But I promise you, put in the efforts and you do see the results.

My mind-set has totally changed, I wake up early before work and get in the gym, or I come home tired from work but always have the energy for a session in the evening. I look forward to my meal prep days and taking the time to plan my food shops and what I’m going to eat the following week. By making it all exciting and fun, it takes away all the stress and it becomes part of your day-to-day living. I have learnt that weight is just a number, its how you feel on the inside that reflects on the outside. And feeding your body correctly makes you want to work harder and have the best outlook on working out. My journey may have only just re-begun, and I have new aims and goals of where I want to get to, but it’s certainly a lot better off now than when I started. It’s thanks to Olly and his team and the Facebook community that I can now continue with this positive attitude towards achieving my goals. Set targets and they will be met!!”


COST = £195 incl VAT for the full 12 weeks (less than £17 per week, the cost of just one cup of coffee per day!)

* Payment plan is available spreading the cost over 3 months as below:

  1. At checkout = £65
  2. Month 2 = £65
  3. Month 3 = £65