“Ok, this has been twelve weeks of hard work but the results have been great. I have spent years in the gym without making much progress. There are three simple methods used by Olly and his team that result in successful results.

Training. The different training phases ensure that there is a lot of variety meaning that sessions in the gym never become stale. You always feel like you are pushing yourself and if there is any confusion about how to carry out the exercise then a link to a training demo video is on hand.

Diet.This was the real eye opener for me. Yes I know what is good food and bad food and I know all about protiens and fats and calories, but what this programme did for me was highlight what my macros should be and when to eat them for the best results. With simple advice on how to track my intake I started to notice a real difference in my body shape as the weeks progressed.

Two weekly reviews. This kept me going, its ridiculous that you train hard in the gym as you feel like you don’t want to let a guy you have never met (Olly) down! But this is what its like, I even trained every day of my summer holiday. The feedback is always direct , tailored and personal and drives you on to the next review.

I would throughly recommend this programme to anyone. Its hard work but you get what you put in, and more….”



COST = £147 incl VAT for the full 12 weeks (less than £13 per week, which is cheaper than the cost of just one cup of coffee per day!)

* Payment plan is available spreading the cost over 3 months as below:

  1. At checkout = £49.00
  2. Month 2 = £49.00
  3. Month 3 = £49.00