One of the things we Personal Trainers have to explain to new untrained clients is the difference between muscle pain from applicable training and that of an actual injury. Pain will become your best friend; both during a training session and post workout, which may last for several days. You must grow to like both, […]

Twice A Day Training

First things first with this type of training: if you don’t like going to the gym, if your job restrains you from accessing the gym twice a day, or if you’re full of excuses, then this mode of training isn’t for you. The twice a day training principle was popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He firmly believed […]

Travel Fitness – 5 Top Tips

Advanced planning is crucial when it comes to taking any trips away, business or pleasure. I have become a master when arranging my own trips but this is because I have learnt and adapted my methods over time. Firstly, is your trip business or pleasure? If it’s business then there is no excuse for you […]

Muscle Memory

  Most of us in the gym scene have heard of the phenomenon known as muscle memory. It is the occurrence of fast growth in a person who is regaining the lost muscle he / she has allowed to atrophy, due to injury, time off etc. However many believe this process or term to be […]