A look into the importance of rest and recovery!

I want you to ask yourselves, and be honest, how many complete days off training do you take a week? And when I say off, I don’t mean ” I do a light cardio session, or I go in and stretch” I mean off! I bet the majority of you will say once a week […]

Why Women Should Lift Weights

Weights, Weights, Weights… There is a preconception out there amongst some women that weight training is reserved for men only and that cardio is the best way for women to keep fit, trim and healthy, which couldn’t be further from the truth! Weight training is the missing secret ingredient to building a firmer, stronger and […]

Change Your Mindset

At some point or other, we’ll all seek external solutions to achieving our fitness goals, my training programmes being one of them. They have been developed using my knowledge gleaned from over a decade of experience so that you can use it to truly achieve your desired physique. That said, I’ll tell you from the […]

The Truth About Fat Burners

Fat burners are supplements, which contain mainly herbal ingredients that can assist in burning fat by slightly increasing your body temperature when applied at the right time, such as during exercise. They are not the magic silver bullet for instant fat loss and should never be used as an alternative to a good diet and […]

My top 10 fitness tips

  These following 10 pointers are like my commandments for life.  If you want to achieve your fitness goals then starting to incorporate the below into your life would serve you well…. 1) Planning is essential for progression. Without a plan you’re doomed to fail. You must plan your sessions with added progressions and plan […]


One of the things we Personal Trainers have to explain to new untrained clients is the difference between muscle pain from applicable training and that of an actual injury. Pain will become your best friend; both during a training session and post workout, which may last for several days. You must grow to like both, […]

Twice A Day Training

First things first with this type of training: if you don’t like going to the gym, if your job restrains you from accessing the gym twice a day, or if you’re full of excuses, then this mode of training isn’t for you. The twice a day training principle was popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He firmly believed […]