What are your weak points? 

If like me, you see in yourself flaws everyday that you aren’t happy with then welcome to the world of reality! To be truly happy when you look in that mirror is a rarity even for professional models, in-fact it’s probably even worse for them, so it’s important to understand that happiness with your physical […]

What’s Stopping You? 

You want to eat healthier and get in shape.  You want to learn about effective nutrition and training. What’s stopping you? Let me help you answer this question by first giving you some more questions to think about. 1. What are your reasons for obtaining your goal? Take a step back and think deeply about this […]

How To Get Motivated?

How was your day yesterday? Did you get to the gym? Did you manage to get one step closer towards your fitness goal? If not, why not? Long day at work? Too tired? Head wasn’t in it? Didn’t have time? These are all the typical reasons I hear day in day out, most of them […]

How To Avoid Becoming Obese?

Obesity is the term used to describe anyone who is excessively overweight. Typically this happens when a person either consumes more calories than they burn off, make bad choices when it comes to food selection or in very rare cases have a medical condition. If you live a sedentary lifestyle where little or no exercise […]

Who is Olly Foster?

If you are toying with the idea of signing up to my 12 week body transformation programme I thought it may help if you knew a little more about me personally, such as: why I ended up in the fitness industry, my experience of it over the years and how I came about creating this 12 […]

12 week body transformation

Life Changing Journey

This ART 12 week programme shouldn’t be viewed upon as a short fire quick fix to get you in shape for a one time occasion. Yo yo ing your health and fitness isn’t good for you overall wellbeing, mind or body. Most often than not you will find the rebound from such methods leaves you […]

What Are Trans Fats?

Fat is without doubt an essential part of the diet for many health benefits, and contrary to popular belief it can aid in weight loss and can also be used as an energy source if consumed in the right manner. Before I go on to explain more about this topic of discussion lets have a […]