They lied to you! (part 1)

When it comes to healthy nutrition the government, food companies and even qualified so called nutritionists are feeding you lies and BS. These big companies care about making profit and will play on your emotions and get you buying into their myths. I’m here to quash these lies as it could be these beliefs that […]

What makes us lazy?

“I’m too lazy to stop being lazy” Does this sound familiar? Laziness, although common has the potential to devour us and ruin our true potential. We all have times of being lazy, myself included and it can make me feel claustrophobic, trapped and lifeless. I nap during the day feeling inactive and tired and in […]

What is Maca powder and should you be taking it?

  Maca is a root vegetable that grows in the Andes Mountain’s of Peru. It has been used in the medical world with great effect for years and is mainly found in powder form. It is full of nutrient rich ingredients supplying the body with essential vitamins and minerals. They include calcium, magnesium and iron, […]

Effective cardio for fat loss, my secrets revealed…

There is a huge amount of debate out there with regards to which type of cardio is best for fat loss: Low Intensity Steady State cardio (LISS) versus High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). So which one should you choose? Let’s discuss them both in more detail first. So what is LISS? For decades now, we’ve […]

What’s on your plate?

When you look at your food do you know what you’re really eating? What it consists of? How many calories are in it? How many grams of protein, carbs and fats it consists of and what the nutritional quality of the food is like? Do you even care? If successful fat loss is your goal […]

What are your weak points? 

If like me, you see in yourself flaws everyday that you aren’t happy with then welcome to the world of reality! To be truly happy when you look in that mirror is a rarity even for professional models, in-fact it’s probably even worse for them, so it’s important to understand that happiness with your physical […]

What’s Stopping You? 

You want to eat healthier and get in shape.  You want to learn about effective nutrition and training. What’s stopping you? Let me help you answer this question by first giving you some more questions to think about. 1. What are your reasons for obtaining your goal? Take a step back and think deeply about this […]