Sleep Oh! How We Need It So.

Sleep is as important to the health of your body as breathing is. Sleep deprivation causes profound damage not only to your physical health but also to your mental health. This does not apply just to the ability of your brain to function properly but it also affects your mood and the way you feel. […]

Get spicy with Turmeric

Spice up your life and food with a bit of Turmeric. Turmeric comes from the root of the Curcuma longa plant and is a spice that has a very distinctive tough brown skin and a deep orange flesh. A herb that has been around for thousands of years it is the spice that gives curry […]

3rd reason you may not be getting the results you feel you deserve…

You’re head just isn’t in the game. I’ll tell you now from the outset, any fitness or nutrition program is useless unless you understand and can believe that the key to your progress and ultimate success lies within yourself. The most powerful tool you have is sitting right between your ears. Yes, I’m talking about […]

2nd reason you may not be getting the results you feel you deserve…

You’re not training hard enough, you don’t use the variables efficiently and so training has become stagnant.   You go to the gym, lift a few weights, pick and choose machines based on what’s free at the time and have no real structure to your plan or progression. You’re basically floating and you wonder why your body won’t […]

1st reason you may not be getting the results you feel you deserve…

Your basic understanding of nutrition may not be up to scratch. Good nutrition is vital to successful body fat loss, lean muscle mass gains and overall general good health. Many of us are left baffled and confused when it comes to selecting a diet suitable for what we are trying to achieve. Many so-called experts […]

Magnesium for a better nights sleep.

Here at ART we often get asked what the best supplement is to take and which one will have the most positive effect? Whilst we do recommend a core stack of supplements to all participants of the programme we are not SUPP heavy but do believe each one is of value in its own unique […]

They lied to you! (part 2)

What follows are the x5 more lies which the government, food companies and even some qualified nutritionists are feeding you….. 6) Fat makes you fat This is an old school theory that has only really within the last 10 years been proven to be untrue. On paper it does make sense that eating more fat […]