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Turkey Steak topped with Caramelised Mushrooms

We love Athleat’s turkey steak – it’s a whopping 270g – but this dish can also be made using a large, skinless deboned chicken breast. They key is in the delicious caramelised thyme-flavoured mushroom topping, so feel free to add this to any grilled lean protein. If you are a vegetarian, the caramelised mushroom topping […]

Mini Fish Pies

Have you ever seen those tiny casserole pots and wonder what people make in them? Now you know! These adorable fish pies are going to be a firm favourite in your home. We used ones (10cm wide and 5cm deep) which are widely available, as you know. You could use standard ramekins, but they are […]

Why your lower back hurts…

  One of the reasons why your lower back hurts… The glutes, we all have them, some people have great ones, others not so much. But did you know that if yours are weak or inactive this could be the reason why you have lower back pain. The glutes are responsible for stabilising the pelvis […]

Buffalo Mince & Mushroom-Stuffed Peppers

Something different and interesting for those on a low-carb / grain-free diet… We used Athleat’s grass-fed buffalo mince to mix things up a bit. As described by Athleat, buffalo is slightly sweeter than beef mince – but feel free to use any lean, ground meat you have on hand. Everyone has their favourite pepper, so […]

Bunless Turkey Burger with Harissa Mayo

Something fun to do with turkey mince! We shaped ours into patties and enjoyed them as bunless burgers topped with a dollop of delicious harissa mayo. We sliced the courgettes into thin ribbons and griddled them until charred. You won’t prepare courgettes any other way after doing them this way… Serves 2 Calories per serving […]

Why strength training is the best exercise for the over 40’s

  The Importance of Strength Training in Later Years (40+) It’s not easy accepting the fact that you’re getting older, however, if you were under the impression that you are past your prime, you would be sorely mistaken. In fact, you have the potential to transform your life for the better and achieve new goals […]

Does stress hamper fat loss?

Stress: a slight dose of it helps you kick ass by boosting energy, alertness, and productivity. But suffering high stress daily? That can seriously mess with your mind and body. Not only does it increase your risk of contracting many diseases, but it also drains your energy, your desire to work out and eat healthily, […]

Slow-cooked Venison Casserole

Perfect for the slow-cooker and requiring very little of your attention, this is a comforting stew using lean diced venison from ATHLEAT. We bulked up the stew with vegetables and you will love the little bursts of sweetness that come through from the corn added towards the end. For such a hearty meal, it is […]

How to lose belly fat to reveal abs?

  Want to lose belly fat fast to start seeing those abs? Are you confused as how to lose that stubborn fat around your waist? Frustrated at the lack of progress given the effort you put in? Have you read conflicting information about the best training plans and diet to lose belly fat: HIIT? Increased […]