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ARRON “I came across Olly on Instagram and was impressed by the results of his previous clients.  This was the motivation I needed to decide to give his programme a go myself. Being on this programme was perfect, the training plan is changed as you progress which keeps you motivated to work harder to move […]


“Loved it from start to finish and already signed up to start Phase 2!  From someone with a long way to go, I have never been “into” exercise or had an active lifestyle, I am really happy with my initial progress.  I am really looking forward to seeing where Phase 2 takes me.  I enjoyed […]

Low-carb Chicken Burgers

Burger time! Here is a recipe for low-carb ‘bread rolls’ using a clever combination of coconut flour, ground flaxseed and eggs. The burgers pictured here were made using ATHLEAT’s Sweet Chili Chicken Patties, then simply topped with sweet tomatoes and creamy avocado. If their patties are too big for you (and enormous they are at […]

Peanut Butter Protein Bars

A very rich and dense snack – these protein bars are a great option to pop into your bag if you are heading into a dreaded long meeting or if you anticipate you may be skipping a meal on a day out. Low in saturated fat and packed with protein (10g protein per bar!), they […]


JONATHAN “I have now finished the 12 week programme and delighted with the results. Ive always been a regular gym goer and keen on my fitness but I’ve never paid much attention to my nutrition, I just assumed I was eating healthy! Can safely say nutrition is the key to all your health and fitness […]


JOHN “I’ve always tried to keep myself pretty fit and eat what I thought was a balanced diet but never really achieved great results. 2 years ago I broke/dislocated my neck, after a very long recovery I really fancied giving this program a go but wasn’t sure just how far I’d be be able to […]


“So I was on holiday with my friend Alison who looked amazing and she explained about the programme she had done and I thought I would like to try it. I saw some of the other transformations and thought I want in on this ASAP so as soon as we were off holiday I signed […]


HOLLIE “I don’t know where to start with this, as this whole 12-week experience has just been brilliant! I have always loved fitness and working out and cooking and nutrition however not quite known the right way to link it all together. After finding myself in a bit of a lull over the middle months […]


MATT “A friend told me about Olly after I had completed another online training plan and had gone back to bad habits due to lack of aftercare. From reading all the testimonials and having a look at the facebook group it seemed like ART was much more personalised than what I had completed previously. Signing […]


DARREN “I would like to thank Olly and the team from the bottom of my heart. I have trained on and off for many years but since I transferred to a desk based job I’ve seen my body fat percentage slowly creep up. I’m 45 now and just got divorced, I thought it was time […]