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Does stress hamper fat loss?

Stress: a slight dose of it helps you kick ass by boosting energy, alertness, and productivity. But suffering high stress daily? That can seriously mess with your mind and body. Not only does it increase your risk of contracting many diseases, but it also drains your energy, your desire to work out and eat healthily, […]

Slow-cooked Venison Casserole

Perfect for the slow-cooker and requiring very little of your attention, this is a comforting stew using lean diced venison from ATHLEAT. We bulked up the stew with vegetables and you will love the little bursts of sweetness that come through from the corn added towards the end. For such a hearty meal, it is […]

How to lose belly fat to reveal abs?

  Want to lose belly fat fast to start seeing those abs? Are you confused as how to lose that stubborn fat around your waist? Frustrated at the lack of progress given the effort you put in? Have you read conflicting information about the best training plans and diet to lose belly fat: HIIT? Increased […]

Courgetti with Homemade Vegan Pesto

Courgetti with Homemade Vegan Pesto and flash-fried cherry tomatoes Homemade pesto is easier than you think – it takes seconds to blitz and the fresh flavour (and bright colour) of homemade pesto is unbeatable. This pesto is vegan – we used Nutritional Yeast Flakes (available in health stores) to replace Parmesan used in regular pesto. […]

Honey and Soy Salmon

Honey and Soy Salmon with sesame cauliflower rice and beans Salmon-and-greens may sound a little like an under-whelming “diet-dish”, but with a little splash of sesame oil in the cauliflower rice and the incredible marinade of honey and soy (which we reduce to a thick syrup while the salmon is cooking), this dish will knock […]


“Over the last two years, a lot has happened in my life that made me take my eye of the health and fitness ball. At the beginning of the year I started a new job, had a baby and planned to do a loft conversion all at the same time. I know right…madness! It all got a […]


“Anyone umming and ahhing about whether to take the leap with ART, I’m telling you now – DO IT. It’s a no brainer. Having spent a month in France for work during Euro 2016, I came back, shall we say, out of shape. A month eating croissants and pain au chocolates can do that to […]


“I researched numerous programmes on the internet prior to picking Olly’s programme, my main decisions were based around, this was predominately a weight based programme, I have never been a huge fan of cardio and I could see the results he was getting on his website. I have always ate reasonably healthy, however this programme has totally changed my diet, I have […]


“I first heard of Olly through Up Fitness and have always been impressed with his approach & the results he has achieved with his clients. I always think it is important to work with someone who practices what they preach and when you look at Olly’s track record i think it’s fair to say he […]