3rd reason you may not be getting the results you feel you deserve…

You’re head just isn’t in the game.

I’ll tell you now from the outset, any fitness or nutrition program is useless unless you understand and can believe that the key to your progress and ultimate success lies within yourself. The most powerful tool you have is sitting right between your ears. Yes, I’m talking about your brain, but more specifically, your mind and your mindset. For your body to transform into its full potential, you have to quash all doubt, believe in yourself and know that what you realistically expect to achieve is in fact, possible.

For this to happen you must:


When you’re in a positive frame of mind, it’s a simple fact that you’re more productive, you feel great, your motivation is high, and life feels good. To begin to establish this positive way of life, you need to alter or re-frame your thought process and patterns.

Here’s the truth… You control your thoughts. Your circumstances may not be ideal, or where you wanted or expected to be – your shape/physique may not look how you want it to when you look in that mirror, but this is life. We all have highs and lows, some people have more lows than others, but you can help yourself.


We can all too easily be influenced by the words of others. Too often, we allow the opinions of our peers to sway our goals.

Take this, for example, a new client, an overweight man or woman, enters and joins the gym for the first time in their life and opts to be coached to make the healthy changes they desire so much. They train, and they train hard. They’re a great client and commit maximum effort to the session. They leave the gym feeling light-hearted and good about themselves.

Once home, they tell their significant other, friend, or family member, that they’re set on their way to a healthier life and are immediately met with negative resistance:

  • “You’ll never stick to that routine.”
  • “How can you make it to the gym three times a week?”
  • “That diet is impossible to stick to.”

This negatively crushes their good feelings about themselves and saps their positive intentions, so they’re now less likely to continue towards their goals. The upbeat feelings that were induced by the introduction of positive lifestyle changes were replaced with negativity and doubts about their ability to succeed.

So why are we so easily influenced? Does the dissent of others really matter when it comes to your good health? Remember, these are your goals, NOT theirs. Don’t react to negativity, stay strong and be positive!

You are responsible for yourself. Your life is yours and only yours to live. The ability to change is in your hands.

Forget the past and think about the future, but more importantly act now!

To make a physical change, you must believe that this act is of great value to you and therefore, you must be willing to give up things you believe are of lesser value.

This is the law of sacrifice.

Are you willing to make a sacrifice?


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